If you're a flower lover like me, you've likely been recently captivated by the beautiful cinematography of Growing Floret on Discovery+ (Click here for the trailer).

I can imagine the shots of the dahlia fields as I write this.

On the surface, Growing Floret is a docuseries about a family-owned flower farm. Before you click away, just listen. Underneath it all, what’s most compelling is how savvy Erin Benzakein and her team at Floret are when it comes to digital marketing.

5 Marketing Tips Any Small Business Can Learn from Floret

Floret's story provides little nuggets all small business owners can learn from, no matter what industry you're in from focusing on storytelling to segmenting your audience. Just because you're a small business owner, or a farm, in Floret’s case, doesn't mean you shouldn't be savvy as hell when it comes to the internet. You have a website, after all.

Use tutorials to gain exposure

I've written a lot about long-tail keywords, and I believe they are the bread and butter of a really great SEO strategy. The term long-tail keyword really means keywords and phrases that are 3 or more words like "how to make a chia bowl."

Tutorials are a great way to help your customer and get more eyeballs to your website (high quality lead eyeballs). If you want to see this done right, Floret is a master. Just look at their resources page and their social media. Consider even more stats about long-tail keywords:

  • 60% of all organic clicks go to the top 3 search results
  • 36% of long-tail keyword searches result in a conversion

Since long-tail keywords are easier to rank on, it's important to add them to the mix.

To hone in on your own strategy, ask yourself, “What are my prospective customers searching for, and how can I provide them with the answers and pathway forward?”

It may seem like a no brainer for a flower farm, but that's only because it's right in front of your face. If you're an ecomm store, ask yourself, “What does my product do? How would someone find it? What are some alternative uses of my product?”

Focus on storytelling

People remember stories 22x more than facts and figures (ironic, considering I’m giving you a fact). While being the face of your business isn't for everyone, sharing behind-the-scenes shots or a story about yourself from time to time pulls back the curtain for your followers, bringing them more deeply into the fold. This is especially true for brands that follow their "why." You are more than just what you create. In fact, storytelling can boost conversions by 30%. The best stories do the following:

  • Bring people together through a universal message
  • Simplify complex messages
  • Foster a sense of connection and community
  • Convey brand values + why
  • Incite action (convert on a call-to-action)

The personal touch and your "why" are elements that separate you from every other brand and competitor out there. Especially now as more people feel isolated, you're showing that you're not a robot in a faraway land. You're a human with a story just like your customers. Stop being the Wizard of Oz and start being the guy/gal behind the curtain. Connect with them. Be the face of your business from time to time.

Invest in HQ content

There is a reason templates look beautiful. They're filled with amazing images. The second you download that template and add your funky cell phone photos to the template is the moment your website looks like crap, and you feel frustrated.

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I'm known for being a stickler when it comes to High Quality content, but the truth is the world is visual, social media is visual, and your website is visual too. Consider these stats:

  • 44% of users are likely to engage with a brand that posts photos
  • 40% of people respond better to visual information than text

If you're telling a story, you should invest in professional photography and videography to help tell your story. It’s sure to drive the above percentages up. Think about it: If you're a chef, you wouldn't invest in poor ingredients, and in your business, you shouldn't settle for crappy photos. No IG filter is going to save your iPhone photo, no matter what the latest iPhone commercial says. Sorry!

Add email marketing to build the story

If flowers are my passion, email marketing is a close second. When you're creating tons of new content, why not bring people back into the fold?

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The power of segmentation and automation is not lost on Floret, and it shouldn't be lost on you either! Since taste is subjective, and not all customers like the same flowers, Floret segmented their customers according to purchase type:

  • Seed order
  • Flower order
  • Online course order

From there, they were able to also tailor down to the type of seed, bulb, etc. Each email provides more in-depth information, tutorials, and links to related products. This allows Floret to personalize their emails. They've doubled down on email and continue to grow their email list 2x year over year. While their soil might need a lot of attention, their email lists are growing.

Keep it simple on the web

Things like site speed and ease of use are important, especially when you're offering products and services that enrich people's lives. Just like in storytelling and photography, keep it simple! UX is all about simplicity. Floret's homepage is beautiful but to the point. It even offers a "Start here blog," which is a great navigational tool since websites are lost in space. Unlike a store that has a physical aisle, signaling to the customer you are physically here and you got here by turning left, right, left, websites are click, click, down the black whole of where the [email protected]!k am I until you just hit the "x" and go back to Google. If you think your website is overly complicated, you're probably right. It might even be worse. Start by narrowing it down to who you are and what you offer.

So yes, the dahlias, snapdragons, and just about all flowers are dancing in my head (thanks to that HQ cinematography), and that makes me biased. But take it from me, the digital marketer, not the flower fanatic, all small business owners can take a lesson from Floret.

Feeling stuck in the mud or like your website just won’t bloom? Shoot me an email or fill out the form below. I'll be in touch!

Gabrielle Nickas