In a world of content marketing, content...well, it's king. Unless you're a writer, at some point, you'll probably have to outsource. In addition to providing you with "the words," an experienced writer will have audience and SEO knowledge.

If you're sitting there, thinking, ”How much should I pay for a blog, or what's the difference in price?” you're not alone. In fact, I'm sure there are blog writers sitting at home right now asking themselves how much they should charge. Alas, here we are. The truth is that blog writing comes in a variety of price points, and oftentimes, the prices are indicative of quality and experience. As they say, sometimes you get what you pay for.

How Much Should I Pay for a Blog?

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I love to travel, so level with me here as I break up the different price points as they relate to hotels. Are you with me?

Roadside Lodge Writing Services

By now you've probably noticed you can pay someone on UpWork, (hey, I'm on there too!) or Fiverr (sorry, not there) $5 for a single blog. Remember, sometimes you get what you pay for, and for $5, you’ll often get the following:

  • Non-native English writer
  • No SEO
  • High chance of plagiarism

Keep in mind that plagiarism (or duplicate copy) is a big no-no to Google, and you're better off not working on your content strategy if you plan to go down this route. So, alas, just like that lodge on the side of the road that looks distinctly like the scene of a horror film, leave it in the rearview mirror and move on. Best to be safe, not sorry.

Holiday Inn Express Writing Services

I'm not gonna lie. My brother recently convinced me to stay at a Holiday Inn Express, mostly due to his love of the cinnamon rolls, and he swears the beds are very comfortable. In a pinch, on the way to Whistler, I took his advice. The truth is, they're not all bad. If you're driving through just about any state, you're sure to find a Holiday Inn Express. The problem? There are some stellar ones (hello Bellingham, WA), and there are some yikes, yikes, yikes places. You never know until you get there, and that's usually after you’ve paid.

At this level, you can get blogs for as low as $25/blog. It's the Holiday Inn of a blog. But how are the prices so low? Here’s how: Writing on spec—writing a full article without the promise of it being published or payment. While writers can write on spec to gain experience or in hopes of wowing an editor, it's not a good practice for obvious reasons: Writers will write full piece articles for little to no $$. So, in that way, you are perpetuating an unhealthy gig economy for writers. I know, some of you are thinking, "Not my problem," but here's what you'll likely get on this level:

  • Inexperienced writers
  • Poorly researched writing (due to the volume the writers have to put out to make $$)
  • Low word count
  • Little to no SEO (and likely a top ten list of Google Search)

Boutique Hotel Writing Services

Just like hotel experiences, users are looking for a branded experience along their journey. They want to know what sets your website and content apart from the pack. Many times, these hotels—and writing services—come with more character, attention to detail, and whatever the hotel equivalent is to badass SEO. The price tag for these blogs are usually around $250-$300, but here’s what’s included:

  • Fully original content
  • In-depth researched articles
  • SEO (both short tail and long tail keyphrases)
  • Properly formatted for design and SEO (ahh...the beauty of headers, bullet points, italics)

I'm gushing, and I'm also comparing myself to a boutique hotel because this is where my blog writing services sit. Depending on my client's needs, I feel this is the best price point because it allows the business owners to do little to no work, and when budget appropriate, the blogs will come out fully designed with images. With this level of writing services, you are more likely to develop a long-term relationship with a writer, which allows the writer to dig even deeper into your brand and understand your business needs.

Four Seasons Writing Services

There are agencies that charge thousands, you heard that right, folks, THOUSANDS of dollars for blog posts. How do I know? Well, I ghostwrote for one. I guess the irony is that the client was "paying an agency rate" for little ole me instead of hiring me directly (see boutique hotel writing services above) under the assumption that they were getting a full-on agency to help them. Spoiler alert: They did not get an agency to help them, and I eventually stopped ghostwriting for the agency. I'll let you figure out the rest.

Listen, if you have the money to spend and you want to feel like you're in the lap of luxury, I won't judge, but you can get a lot more bang for your buck, my friends.

To answer the original question, there is no right answer. There are varying degrees of writing, with a nice solid happy medium, but you have to be honest with yourself about how much time you have and what your skillset looks like.

Whether you need help hiring a writer or need top to bottom digital marketing, I'm here to help. Shoot me an email or fill out the form below. I'll be in touch!

Gabrielle Nickas