If video killed the radio star, then social media killed a lot more than that, which is why it's no surprise that increasingly brands are (and should be) investing in lifestyle photos and videos that help tell the narrative of their brand. With endless options about photo and video (DIY, purchase stock, or hire a photographer/videographer), it's another seemingly hard decision on a list of hard decisions.

My advice: Invest in your content by hiring a photographer or videographer.

Outfit Details: J.Crew Tank, Free People Bralette, AE Jeans, Soludos (sneaker version here, similar here)

We live in a very visual world. Like most business owners, I'm sure you've spent so much time and effort to make your product, whatever it might be, something you are proud of. Your photos and videos are an extension of that and should make your business shine, not the other way around.

Yes, it may seem easier to snap a photo with your phone quickly and post it, but you're missing the point.

People want to build a relationship with YOUR business/brand.

Offering that through stimulating visual content is exactly what social media was created for: building a brand and nurturing that relationship with your customers/followers.

Bonus tip: Professional photography can help you get press for your business.

While it might not seem like a priority, it is an absolute game changer, and for many industries, it will put you ahead of the curve in a pivotal time in digital marketing. Not only that, but if you take the time to generate the content ahead and plan it on a content calendar (my favorite is Snug for Instagram), you will actually save time.

If you're sitting there thinking, "I should invest in this," hit me up: [email protected]. I can help guide your photography sessions, book a photography, or photograph your product myself. Pugs can be included for a fee of dog bones or carrots. They aren't picky.


Thanks to Scott for the behind-the-scenes photos from a recent lifestyle product photography shoot I did for Bumble Towels. I also wrote the copy on Bumble's site and product tags. You can also purchase their towels here, and trust me, you won't regret it!