Digital Marketing Tips Every Lifestyle Brand Should Follow

For more than ten years, I've been working with lifestyle brands on digital marketing. My first lifestyle client was an industry-leading longboard skateboard company whose rise to success was heavily embedded in episodic, lifestyle video content. The company had it all: great product, beautiful video assets, and an amazing website. Through our years together, they gained more exposure and continued along the path of the lifestyle branding that separated them from the rest (even Google noticed and invited us to present at their conference).

Since then, I have worked with many other lifestyle brands from launches to retainer-based social media management, and digital marketing strategy. There are many reasons to hire a digital marketing consultant if you are a lifestyle brand, or even if you're not exactly a lifestyle brand, but you're in an industry where you think your brand would shine more clearly if it were positioned as such.

Before you hire a consultant (scroll down if you're already at that point), consider the following:

As a lifestyle brand, you're selling MORE than your product.

1. Craft the lifestyle: The key here is niche. If you want your brand to be easily identified, niche it down. But think outside of the box, beyond your product. Set your product in a real life setting. What does that scene look like? Now, make sure the brand narrative, photography, and video assets you show your customers reflect just that. You're WAY cooler than a basic studio shot! Creating a lifestyle will set you apart and allow your product to be recognized. Plus, you'll get more customers! #cha-ching.

2. Social Media IS that important: Social media is visual. It's a place where brands can craft brand stories and connect with communities of people who also want to live — or do currently live — the lifestyle you're selling. Leverage your social media to build up your following. The people are there. Why aren't you? Here are some extra tips and tricks to get you moving!

3. Work with YOUR Micro-influencers: Building from scratch isn't what it was even 5 years ago. Behold: the power of the micro-influencers. I'm not talking about people who have 50k+ Instagram followers. I'm talking about the person with 6k+ Instagram followers (hey, that's me!) who embodies your lifestyle, and thereby, can likely help spread your message. As a #humblebrag, I've been a micro-influencer for companies like Google, Bare Snacks, and the Bouqs. I know several of my followers have ordered from each of those companies following my post. You likely have a micro-influencer that follows you too. Heck, maybe I even follow you!

4. Hire a Digital Marketing Professional: I'll let you in on a little secret: Even celebrities and well established brands have digital marketing consultants. I know because I am one. Digital marketing and social media management is something you should leave up to the professionals. I know it's tempting to do it yourself because you likely "know" how to use Facebook, YouTube, or the likes. But a successful business owner understands what he or she is good at and what makes him or her excited for work. That's where you should spend your time. Good digital marketing strategy takes a lot of statistical data analysis and an ever changing understanding of the digital and industry climates. What's hot today is cold tomorrow. It's my job to know that. Having a digital marketing consultant or someone on a retainer basis will help you increase brand impressions, and if you aren't there just yet, having a professional put together a strategy is the best way to make sure you're in the right place. In the digital world, time is of the essence. So walk, don't run to a good digital marketing consultant.

If you’d like more information on my digital marketing for lifestyle brands services, send me an email and tell me about your brand!

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