In addition to owning my marketing biz, I also own a hard goods brand. I write a lot of what you see from that brand. BUT, I’m a professional writer—holding both a B.A. and M.A. in Communication, and I'm a former English professor. The idea that everyone, including maybe you—which is perhaps why you’re reading this— is a writer or should be writing doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

For some, ghostwriting is considered a dirty little secret. The purists of the world wish their favorite athletes, celebrities, and brands were wordsmiths. I’m here to tell you, some are, but a lot aren’t, and there’s no shame in taking the core values of your business and having a ghostwriter put pen to paper—or fingers to keyboard—to professionally write for you.

Writing Isn’t Rocket Science. But, It Is a Science.

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Here are a few of the many reasons to hire a ghostwriter for your business, plus some things you may want to consider.

1. Know Your Value: At my hard goods business, I know my value in terms of branding and marketing, but I also understand that when it comes to manufacturing and engineering, we have professionals for that (including my husband, who does a fair share of that side of our business). In some ways, the people you hire are “ghosts” in their positions since their names aren’t affixed to the product. This same principle applies to content creation and writing.

2. Ensure Quickness to Outpace Your Competition. Since you aren't spending time doing your best Hemingway impersonation, ghost writers allow business owners to generate more ideas. They save you time, and time is money, honey.

70% of people report they would rather learn about a business from an article than an advertisement.

The more content you put out, the faster you can gain brand visibility in a way that will convert users. Plus, with more content, you have the ability to build a complex traffic funnel. In many ways, a good ghost writer can be one of your most valuable assets when it comes to ROI.

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3. Deliver Your Message Professionally: Have you ever thought or heard that hiring someone to do a job seems inauthentic? Seems kind of funky when you sit down and think about it...we all have jobs, after all. You hire a photographer to capture your products or brand, and in doing so, you likely tell him/her the ins and outs of your aesthetic and brand voice. In turn, that photographer is able to see something through his/her lens that an untrained photographer wouldn’t. The same applies to writing.

A ghostwriter can take your message and deliver it in a way that’s professional, strategic, and right on brand with your overall mission. Plus, the end product is going to be what you envisioned without the headaches of trying to do it yourself.

4. Find a Ghostwriter with Knowledge of SEO: Producing content in a way that sells without feeling used car salesperson-ish is key. How do you do that? SEO—Search Engine Optimization—is a great marketing tool that allows your website to deliver optimized content that ensure your pages are displayed in the top of the search results. People find you based on their needs. And in some instances, SEO can drive a 14.6% conversion rate (click here for more quick SEO stats).

5. Knowledge of Audience Behavior: Understanding what content resonates best in terms of time on page, click through rate, sales, traffic funnels, and even what falls flat—meaning even though you might be interested in a topic, other people might not care. In other words, all of these little things add up to bigger ideas and a better content strategy moving forward.

Like I said, it's not rocket science, but it is a science. And making sure your message is delivered in a way that converts and feels organic to your users is essential. Hiring a ghost writer ensures you're doing that.

Photos by Ashley Burns

Writing may not seem like the most difficult thing in the world to do, I get it. But finding the right people to build your team is essential for growth, no matter what your business is. And when you’re able to find good, talented people to fill your shoes, then it frees you up to do other, more important tasks—like strategic planning and building your business to be the empire you’ve dreamed about.

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