After a highly successful launch of the Transform app, Chris and Heidi Powell brought me on board as a content creator and creative director for the social media of their newest venture: Fresh by TRANSFORM, a direct to door food service that synced with their fitness app.

Similar to the visual brand story that we crafted for the app's social media pages, the look and feel for Fresh was clean, healthy, and family oriented. The packaging was also developed with a lot of sustainability and environment consciousness. We wanted to focus on all of these different aspects cohesively using lifestyle shots of the product as well as close-up shots of nature and its ingredients.

While, the trend in social media is to have a lot of negative white space, for Fresh, we decided to go for a more rich dark palette, setting the brand apart, while still appealing to the consumer.

Note: sometimes the talent gets fussy, especially when he's actually your nephew. The client wasn't billed for my baby wrangling services! He was paid in yogurt melts.

Soft launch: Originally, the brand was only able to deliver within a two day shipping radius from its Colorado HQ. With the shipping expansion, we created an infographic that was over laid onto some lifestyle product shots to further the branding we'd built. This was part of a secondary soft launch for the new territories.

If you're looking to launch your brand, rebrand, or just invest in new assets, I can help guide your creative direction, book a photographer, or shoot your product myself. My nephew and my pugs not always included, but will work usually in payment of food! Let's do work: