Client: Celicious Smart Phone Screen Protectors

Project: Creative Direction, Lifestyle Photography & Video Content Creation

As social media becomes more-and-more saturated, consumers seek products that fit into their lifestyle or a lifestyle they imagine for themselves. This isn't limited to traditionally thought of lifestyle consumer products like longboards. For Celicious, a company that specializes in screen protectors for your smartphones, tablets and laptops, we created lifestyle content in both video and photo format, allowing the client to stand out from competitors who traditionally use flat product photography or stock photography options to sell their products.

Through lifestyle photography, we show the impact screen protector taking on impact from fishing lures and chickens (*thanks to my dad for lending his chicken and half of his face*). The photography for the privacy screen protectors shows the full black depiction above and the half-and-half depiction below so the consumer can see the functionality of the screen before purchasing it.

In addition to photography, we creative directed a series of lifestyle videos. The videos show the products in action like the lifestyle video below. For the impact screen protector, we show a child doing what he would do with a mom's cell phone: cover it with dirt and throw it down a slide of course. Even after a day at the park, the screen is free of scuffs, cracks, and scratches.

And because hedgehogs are cute and trendy, we also show consumers that these cases are hedgehog approved. This video having more than 10k views shows just how right we were with our choice of model.

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