Successful package copywriting succinctly tells a story. For this project with Original Skateboards, the shipping box not only tells a story, but it also perpetuates the lifestyle branding OS built online through their social networks. Being a lifestyle brand involves more than having a great product. It also includes great branding top-to-bottom.

Original Skateboards is a top sports and lifestyle brand whose following includes a YouTube Channel with over 790k subscribers and over 152M views. The objective of the project was to create a longboard shipping box that extends the story from YouTube to your doorstep.

With this box, the devil is in the details. Since YouTube is very much an online community, we made a box that would support that by sharing reviews and instructions for how to unbox (a popular trend in the online video market).

The copy includes everything from unboxing to longboarding, but most importantly, the adventures that longboarding will take you and your friends on. The box flaps also include speech bubbles with real fan quotes and reviews from Facebook, YouTube, etc.